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Emsella Treatment in Tulsa OK

Why Choose Ultimate Men’s Clinic in Tulsa and Emsella Therapy?

Ultimate Men’s Clinic in Tulsa has real doctors and not Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants. Our Emsella treatment is designed to help you in the bedroom or in your everyday life.

Our doctor is committed to your success and overall wellness. Emsella can get you back to that younger stronger you, and give you a better quality of life quickly, safely, and affordably.

Our goal is to get you back to acting and feeling like your old self again. Get Started today!


You have questions we have answers.

A:No, simply remove your belt and any other metal items and you simply sit down on the unit properly and that’s it.

A: Yes it is FDA approved, and the doctor will go over any and all things that might cause a problem and eliminate it.

A: It depends if we are treating Erectile Dysfunction or Urinary issue. Our patients tell us it is quite affordable.

A: The average patient will need 6 appointments with at least 2 days in between over a 3 week period.

A: For Erectile Dysfunction the success rate is about 85% and for urinary issues about 95%.

A: No they do not, but we try our best to bundle packages and offer payments to make it affordable to all.

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