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Priapus Shot (Male Enhancement)Tulsa

Priapus Shot / Bocox™ Male Enhancement

As Men age our ears continue to grow and our penis shrinks. How is that fair? Well it really isn’t shrinking, it is retracting. As it retracts it makes blood vessels more compressed and more difficult to have adequate blood flow for erections. The priapus shot takes blood out of your body, spins it down, and captures the platelets and growth factors into a serum. This is then injected strategically rebuilding blood vessels and restoring girth. The priapus shot will pull the penis back out by using a pump and cylinder, restoring your length and girth and increasing the blood flow providing better and stronger erections. The pump and cylinder along with the PRFM therapy we provide can also fix the curvature of the penis know most commonly as Peyronie’s Disease. Bocox is an additional procedure that is new on the scene. Many have heard of Bocox which has been used for woman and men for wrinkles, and most recently for migraine headaches. Now imagine it is use for Erectile Dysfunction. Used with the priapus shot or as an individual procedure. Talk to our counselors or doctors about the Priapus Shot Today.

PsShot for ED

Why Choose Ultimate Men’s Clinic in Tulsa and Priapus Shot / Bocox?

We use PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix) and not PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). What is the difference, well one might compare a old Ford Fiesta car vs. a new Lamborghini. One actually initiates the healing process and continues it for hours and not minutes. One maximizes regeneration and the other projects it never really staying in place long enough to be effective. Without PRFM there is no reason to get a P-shot.

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Bocox: The Inventor of the ‘P shot’ has a new remedy for ED called Bocox. Inventor of the erection-boosting ‘P shot’ says he’s got a new remedy for impotence. Botox which has smoothend out wrinkles now helps with struggles in the bedroom as well. Dr. Runnels has invented a new formulation which helps men with impotence. The procedure called Bocox, is an injection of the the toxin injected straight into their penis. This improves erections by relaxing muscles and blood vessels in the penis, and allowing blood to flow through it. Botox could help iron out struggles in the bedroom after doctors invented a new formulation help tackle erectile dysfunction. Scientists confirm Botox smooths out erectile difficulties in men. By injecting men straight into their penis the organ is relaxed, allowing blood to rush into it. Belgian urologists said the treatment showed ‘huge benefit’. The jab only appeared to work for three months.

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FAQ: You have questions we have answers.

A: The P-shot will restore lost length and girth as well as provide as much as 20% more length and girth.

A: You can have sex directly after your procedure and return to work. If you can take a day break even better.

A: The P-shot will not fix significant erectile dysfunction cases, but is great for mild ED, and erection enhancement.

A: We apply numbing cream so that there is no pain. You will feel some pressure during the procedure.

A: The P-shot has been very effective in countering the curvature of Peyronies.

A: The positive effects of Bocox have been showed to last between three and six months.

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